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what is TerraCraft?

TerraCraft is a massive 2D sandbox FANGAME that combines Minecraft and Terraria, developed using C++ and a self-made game engine. The content of TerraCraft is based on Minecraft and its well-known mod packages.

TerraCraft is the first 2D sandbox platform game which allows you to play on an INFINITE world in one map. TerraCraft uses a dynamic chunk system similar to Minecraft, so every world you create is infinite. TerraCraft’s unique portal system can save all your locations for teleportation, allowing you to explore more secrets of its unlimited world!

The current version of TerraCraft implements infinite map width, and also implements the surface layer, the underground layer, and the nether layer. In future updates, more layers will be added to create a world of infinite height and infinite depth and make TerraCraft truly become an infinite world!


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Pig Zombie
Pork Chop Rotten Flesh Grass sword
Oops nothing to display here at the moment
Tnt Mod (Future plan) Note: Mods are currently not supported in game there is no way to use any mods in this list at the moment however the creator plans on adding mod support in latter updates
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