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Welcome to the TerraCraft Wiki!

TerraCraft is a massive 2D sandbox FANGAME that combines Minecraft and Terraria, developed using C++ and an engine made by SkyBlueYoshi. The content of TerraCraft is mainly based on Minecraft and its well-known mod packages, such like "The twilight forest" and "IC2".

TerraCraft is the first 2D sandbox platform game which allows you to play on an INFINITE world in one map. TerraCraft uses a dynamic chunk system similar to Minecraft, so every world you create is infinite. TerraCraft’s unique portal system can save all your locations for teleportation, allowing you to explore more secrets of its unlimited world!

In the latest release (1.1.0 Obsidian Edition) mobile support and new content has been added!

Infinite worlds to explore and endless fun to come and even more than that with the mod engine addition to the game, we hope you like the game, and I'll do my best to overhaul the wiki!


Main pages[]

TerraCraft's world is made out of layers, currently there is only 4 layers in the game: Sky, Surface, Underground and Nether however this will change in the future!
Sky Everything above the Surface layer is Sky, there's nothing on the sky yet.
Surface You can find many biomes, a lot of structures and friendly creatures.
Underground A lot of stone, Caverns, and portals.You can find a lot of useful minerals in this layer.
Nether The most dangerous layer, you can find the best mineral here but it's too risky if you go down with light armor and weak weapons.
Bedrock Everything after the Nether is bedrock, making it impossible to go any deeper.
For the latest release to date Mod support has been added, bringing endless posibilities to the game, this is a list of the best mods made by the community.
Mod Names State Of Mod
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