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Note: This Page Is A W.I.P And Does Not Contain Everything The Overworld is the main layer of the world, it is also the only layer that the Player can spawn.

Biomes: The Overworld consists of Forest Biomes, Ice Biomes, Tainted Forest Biomes, Flesh Biomes, Mushroom Biomes, Stone Beach Biomes, Ocean Biomes, Desert Biomes, Red Sand Desert Biomes, Jungle Biomes.

Enemies: The Overworld contains these enemies:

Forest: Green Slime, Large Green Slime, Block Slime, Blue Slime, Yellow Slime

Red Sand Desert: Waste Slime, Large Waste Slime, Large Cube Waste Slime, Waste Ghost, Waste Mummy

Ice: Ice Slime, Large Ice Slime, Large Ice Cube Slime, Snow Guardian, Snow Guardian Archers

Desert: Desert Slime, Large Desert Slime, Large Desert Cube Slime, Husk (At night)

Tainted Forest: Tainted Slime, Large Tainted Slime, Large Tainted Cube Slime, Endermen, Shulkers

Molten Lava: Magma Slime, Magma Birdo, Zombie Pigmen

Jungle: Jungle Bat, Large Jungle Bat

Flesh Fields: Bloody Eye, Bloody Skeleton

Everywhere: Villager Zombie, Bald Zombie, Arrow Zombie, Phantom, Creeper, Skeleton, Zombie

Passive Mobs: The Overworld contains these passive monsters: Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Pig, Red Mooshroom, Brown Mooshroom, Turtle

Neutral Monsters are types of monsters which will not directly attack the player and rather will become hostile once the player hits them

Neutral Monsters: Endermen, Pigmen