From the moment you enter your world you will be greeted by hundreds of items in TerraCraft from your first log to your last diamond your will encounter many items in TerraCraft. This page will show info about Items that you can come across for example what they do, what their stats are and so on. Please keep in mind this data was found in the games files and it might change in the future.

Rotten Flesh
Rotten flesh.png Rotten flesh is a repulsive food item dropped by Zombies that gives the hunger debuff to whoever eats it, disgusting.
Pork Chop
Raw porkchop.png The Pork Chop or Raw Pork chop is an Item that drops by a Pig when slain

and can be cooked in a furnace

Grass sword
Grass sword.png Sword made from grass, yep that is it
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